Branding and Responsive Design

All our designs are RESPONSIVE. A website has to be responsive, meaning it is valuable to your users who are on smartphones and tablets. Global Statistics show that mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage. In the United States, Global statistics show a small lead in desktop with mobile usage quickly climbing.

Our designers can help you create a brand for your company than spans from business cards, letterhead, to social media, and your responsive website. Our professional photographer can capture photos of staff, products, office space and more.

How to use your responsive website to market your business.

We can help you with Search Engine Optimization, Blogging, Social Media, and email campaigns.

Five Marketing Tips For Small Businesses In 2017 – an article from Forbes from March 21, 2017 describes the importance of upcoming marketing trends. It explains how blogging helps market your business and optimize your website for search engines. This article also emphasizes the importance of mobile marketing strategies, social media marketing, visual strategies and setting up email marketing campaigns.


We can help you in all of these areas including setting up and using a blog, marketing through social media, optimizing your website for search engines, and setting up email marketing campaigns.

Selling your products and services through your responsive website.

Imagine your customers buying your products and services from their desktops, tablets, and smart phones.

Are you interested in selling your product or services?  We can help.  We use WooCommerce to set up your shop.

WooCommerce integrates beautifully with your website’s theme.  It is the most widely used e-commerce platform. If you are interested in setting up e-commerce for your website, give us a call and we will explain further how quickly a e-commerce can be added for your business.

Cutting edge website development

We begin by gathering information about your company, goals, competitors, social media presence and goals, and target market. This will help us create a plan for your site. We will then discuss your branding and design requirements and how to incorporate them into your website pages.


The next step will be content creation. We will work with your team to create the pages for your site with text, images, videos and calls to action such as contact forms and email sign ups.


We’ll set up the WordPress content management system on your hosting or our hosting depending on your preferences. We will install the Divi theme to create your website pages. As we build we will incorporate basic Search Engine

We provide training for you or your staff on maintaining your website. Our blog will have tips and training information as well.

Some of our clients would like to be able to update their own content. We provide training in both the WordPress content management system and the Divi theme.

We can also provide user guides customized to our clients individual websites.

Blogging - promote your services and products, share an idea, give helpful tips to your clients and customers.

Have an idea to share? Already have a website and want to boost up your search engine optimization? Planning on getting a new website? Let us help you set up your blog.

A blog is a perfect way to share an idea, promote a product, or earn some money. Earlier this year, Forbes published an article “10 Wildly-Successful Blogs That Earn Outlandish Incomes” shares some of the top blogging money making companies.


Maintaining your online presence, keeping it safe and up to date.

A website is an evolving entity. It requires regular updates and maintenance. Your hosting provider performs regular server updates and your website provider should perform regular backups and software updates. We provide these services along with email configuration and support, performance and analytical tracking, adding new products or services, and creating promotional ads and landing pages.


Once your site is up and running, we are still here for you. We’ll make sure it’s content and database are backed up, and it’s features are regularly updated.  If you want us to change or add something, just let us know.

Set goals and measure your websites performance.

We don’t stop once your website is up and running. We will set up Google Analytics so you can monitor your website’s statistics. You will be able to see links to your site, visitors, traffic sources, and more.